Oct 162015

Ok, I am a couple of days late, but there is a good reason for that, both builds had issues installing. I guess I will start with Mobile, when they released it Gabe mentioned the only upgrade path was from Windows mobile 8.1, so I had to make a decision, wait the week for the build to be fixed so I could upgrade from my current build or revert to 8.1 then upgrade to the latest build, of course I am not patient. I chose to revert and upgrade, I grabbed a new backup and then began the path to 8.1, which was reasonably straight forward from the tool from MS, then I needed to grab windows insider app and set fast ring and then go for the upgrade. The upgrade came in fine, took a long time but it is what it is, after 10 was installed I needed to get my backup installed since after an upgrade they do not prompt you for a backup to restore, the only way I have found to do that is to reset your phone, that process is just as long as the install, but once it is done you can then tell it which backup to use and then you basically need to wait for all of your apps to be installed and goose the ones that get stuck with an error, I just pause the install and then restart a different paused install, it seems to be very consistent and work almost every time. Now I have the latest which is 10549 and it seems more stable and the Start “Loading…” bug seems fixed and the blank Lock Screen bug seems fixed and some other things seem way more stable as well.
Now for the PC version, ARGH!! What a fiasco!! Oh build 10565 why must you hate me so! This is on a Dell Venue 8 Pro by the way. I tried to install it when it came out as an upgrade, everything seemed fine, downloaded fine…installed fine….restarted fine…then started to do the install fine…then went to the black upgrading windows screen and got to 44% and then just sat there. Restarted it by holding power for 30 seconds and it reverted back to 10547. Ok, maybe I did something wrong, or my tablet just had a hiccup so I restarted the upgrade, after the hour or so same thing 44% and stop! Even tried a third time, but that was the last time until I read try it in portrait mode, I tried it twice same crap. So then I gave up for a couple of days, then someone says try it with out an SD Card, so I did that, OMG it installed and seemed to be fine, then I rebooted, OMG Blue Screen! Now I am stuck and need to figure out what to do, I started “Start Up Repair” but it has been repairing for a good while now and that has me worried, we shall see and I will post any changes.
(Edit: surprise startup repair failed, starting a reset, hopefully it fairs better!)
(Edit #2: Well resetting seems to have fixed it…it went through an abbreviated windows install and then booted….with no bluetooth for some reason, but everything else seems ok I guess)
Thanks for reading! Hopefully it will actually come back up for me, but I am not holding my breath.

Sep 162015

Well, late on September 14th, Gabe Aul (a great person to follow on twitter) and his team released build 10536.1004 onto what is called the fast ring, for insiders, people beta testing Windows 10. It was a very lengthy process to upgrade since they needed to give us two builds before the 10536 build would get recognized as an update. So after 3+ hours of updating and hand holding my phone during that time, restarting when needed and watching for when to check for the update, it is finally installed. I must say it, this build is a very good one, of course the best yet since we are building to the release and it sounds like they are announcing some Windows 10 Mobile phones October 6.
This build has a number of fixes, many I do not care much about, like languages and voice control and quiet hours is fixed, here is a blog post talking about all of the fixes. That being said, there are a few changes that are awesome. First mobile hot spot is fixed again, which has been a sticking point for me, I do not use it much but when I want it I need it. Next is the ability to change sounds for each application that has a notification, so even text messages, outlook emails, outlook calendar, and other email apps now have the ability to have a different sound, AWESOME! Another fix seems to be in the accessibility area, magnifier is way better than the last time I used it, you can zoom any where on the phone, even change the zoom, and the phone is still functional under the zoom, so you could zoom in on a button and then press it and it works. This all works through two finger tapping, which starts zooming, two finger drag to shift point of view, and two finger tap and hold and then move your hand up and down the screen to increase or decrease the zoom, amazing. Another change, which has been haunting me for a while is the photos app, it has been useless at times and then the pics would not show up on the tile, so I went out and bought photos+ (I hate ads, especially the full screen ones! so I shelled out the 1$ or so for pro) but it actually worked really well while the photos app was broken. Now the photos app actually fires off correctly, and the pics show up on the tile, woohoo, but that isn’t even the best of it, this new app is really quite nice. It has albums again, it has the ability to look on onedrive, including inside the folders there, and it even can look at both your device and sdcard individually. Heck it even has the ability to turn on and off onedrive from showing in your camera feed. The app seems quite polished now, compared to even just one build earlier. But hey, we are looking at a beta version of Windows and there has to be problems, right?
Yes, there are issues, some people are losing the ability to text message, I think the app is disappearing and installing skype seems to help some people. I have also seen some issues with apps getting stuck in update la la land, where the app is updated but then errors out and never gets installed, and the app can no longer be executed, I have noticed it on Asphalt 8 and My Notes Pro, so far. Other apps seemed to work just fine. Another thing that is not quite right is boom sound is still missing, as is the ability to turn on the screen by double tapping, both of these are within the extras menu, so maybe they will make a comeback, but on my HTC One M8 they are lost.
All in all, this build is really quite good and I recommend it to people on the fence about joining insiders program, it is way more stable than ones in the past and has many features that we need in everyday phones. Now, if they would just put in the ability to remind me I have missed a call or text like every 5 minutes like an Iphone, I would be thrilled, but as it stands now I am fairly close the being thrilled with this build.
Again this is build 10536.1004 on an HTC One M8.

Jun 042015

Ok, I woke up a bit late this morning and wasn’t real sure why, then I remembered I didn’t hear my alarm on my phone go off. I check my phone and turn it on, it was plugged in all night, and it comes on but nothing I click fires off, I can swipe right to get to my apps and left to get back to start screen, and that is it….gotta love betas. I tried everything holding power button for long periods of time, both with screen on and off, nothing, nothing at all helped, even tried it while plugging it in. Nothing worked, so I start to search for what my options are since I cannot remove the battery on my HTC One M8, and find a post that tells me to press and hold both the power and the volume down button for they said 5-10 seconds but I think it probably took me 20 seconds, but low and behold it rebooted right back up and started working fine again. The weird thing though, my phone was plugged in all night but only made it to 49% battery, so at some point the charging of the phone actually stopped. This is the second time I have had my phone lock up tight and the only way back to a usable phone was to do this procedure. Just sharing in case others have similar issues and need to find it as well, this works on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 as well by the way.

May 282015

Just stumbled on this website today, which may come in handy for people that are wanting to help those people with Windows 8 or Windows 10 as well as Windows Phone. This site will help you to create the ability for your site to make a live tile on those devices. That way if a person wants to pin your site to their Start Screen then it will use the icon you set and will also do some live tile stuff making use of your rss feed. It may not be a widely used feature but some of your visitors may appreciate you adding it. You could even use this to make a home page or a jump page for yourself and make one of these tiles and pin it to your phone’s start screen and have a pseudo home page using an icon of your choosing. You just need to set the icon you want and the title and maybe the rss feed and then download the zip file and extract it and upload to the folder your site is in and add the code to your webpage and that is it.

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