Jun 202011

I have been using a tool for quite some time that has become almost a requirement on a new install of Windows and I will realize it is missing almost immediately. It is called Ditto and can be downloaded from http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/ for free. It is a clipboard manager from Windows and really gives your clipboard, or the copy and paste functionality in Windows, a real boost for productivity’s sake. The main function of it is to allow the copy and paste to remember, depending on your settings, quite a few items. Say you have a few web pages you want to go to from a single location, normally you would copy one url, open a new tab or window, paste it in and hit return, then go back to the old window and do it all over again. With Ditto, you would copy all of the links you wanted to go to one at a time, then create how many tabs or windows you want and then call up ditto and drag the entries to the address bar and away you go. Another instance that I use it for, development, first I set up some hotkeys in Ditto to make pasting easier by setting the Global Hotkeys for the last ten items copied which is on the Keyboard Shortcuts tab in the options (I set mine to [CTRL]+[ALT]+[1] through [0]) then I copy however many sections of code I need to keep inserting, and then using the shortcut I paste them where they need to be. Just remember the entries are stored backwards so the most recent entry is in slot 1. I use this tool ALL of the time and think it may help out some other people as well, enjoy. No I am not a developer of it and I also do not get anything for advertising it I just wanted to share.

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