Oct 042011

First and formost, no custom ringtones for emails, texts, or voicemails? What is up with that? Microsoft provides custom ringers from phone calls in this update but forgets to add that to the other notifications? hmmm, what a shame. Next shortcoming is also a notification, when something wants to give me a notification on this very in touch OS, why is it it does not give me a flashing LED to say “Hey idiot you missed a notification!” not saying it needs to be customizable or anything just a simple flashing LED to get my attention and they can even all have the same LED flash. Oh well, maybe next time they release an update they will include some more of the basic things people need.


Sep 272011

I really liked the premise behind turntable.fm but never really felt like part of it, so I have decided to stop using it. Just so happens that this decision coincides with Pandora.com announcement that they have removed the 40 hour limit, thank goodness, 40 hours is crap for a month worth of listening, I can eclipse that in a week. Downside to Pandora, it takes a browser window, but I found a way around that as well, actually http://www.flexden.net/content/pandora%E2%84%A2-desktop-adobe-air%E2%84%A2-15-application-free?destination=node%2F3525 is a very good implementation of pandora, it uses a very small window and allows use of all of the buttons you may need including voting volume and fast forward etc. I highly recommend using that app, which is an Air app if you are planning on listening to pandora for extended periods. So if you are looking for music to listen to with the ability to customize what you hear, pandora may be what you are looking for, you can start with a generic radio station and then click the add variety option and add musicians to the list, which will change the flavor of the music being selected. Also voting on a song will change the music variety as well, voting thumb down removes a song from the playlist and thumb up accentuates that music type in your list. The site is a HTML5 site so it even runs on WP7 in IE.


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