Feb 172015

I used to love getting Entenmann’s danishes, they were reasonably priced and pretty good, I was always partial to the Cheese and the Raspberry danish. I have been getting them for quite a while and they were of decent consistent quality. Well this seems to have changed, it seems they have made some changes to their recipes and quality. I bought a Cheese and a Raspberry danish yesterday and has a small piece from the middle, of course, where the “good” danish should be hiding with the cheese or raspberry. The raspberry was ok, although I though the danish was a bit dry, the filling was pretty tasty. The cheese on the other hand, just felt like it was just making the danish wet and was not very good tasting, I have always really liked the cheese flavor, but this time it had very little flavor. I am not sure if they are changing the recipe or if it was just a bad batch, although seeing how everyone is trying to cut costs and trying to make more money I would think they have found a way to make a larger profit, not really caring about the consequences. It always amazes me how companies will cut the amount or lower the quality and raise the prices, doesn’t anyone care about the consumer anymore. Everyone does it so I guess they think it is ok to just do it themselves, no it is not just Entenmann’s, it is everyone…Tropicana makes the jug smaller and raises the price, glad lowers bag count and raises price, and really they just keep it all secret. The bottle size is now in tiny little letters that I cannot see even with my glasses….ARGHHH!
Enough of my rant for now!

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