Sep 112015

I have been using Windows 10 Mobile for a while, actually a long while, and I finally found an issue which I have found no mention of. I am not sure if it is a bug or if it is what was intended during development. When I was backing out of the Edge browser a couple of weeks ago I noticed my screen shut off, I thought it was odd but just thought at the time it was a crash and it was rebooting. After I gave it a few seconds and I attempted to power it on but the screen came right on, it had actually just gone to sleep. I didn’t think anything of it, weird things happen all of the time when you are beta testing. A couple of days ago it happened again but this time it was in the messaging app. I was doing basically the same thing, backing out and the screen shut off. This time it caught my attention a bit more. I then set out to try to reproduce it and it actually happens quite regularly, all you need to do is double tap directly below and to the left of the back arrow on the screen, you can be in any screen and it seems to happen. I have even verified it to happen on a second HTC One M8, which is the same model as mine.
I cannot find any mention of it on the feedback or on the internet and have mentioned it to Gabe Aul on twitter, but he is extremely busy so I guess I may not get to the bottom of it. I just thought I would document it and see if anyone responds on my very not busy blog. Let me know if you have the same thing or if you happen to know anything about it.
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