Sep 092015

I have been using Windows 10 for a long time, but didn’t install it onto my daily laptop until release. I have been using it and installing non metro apps off and on and I have noticed something wrong with start button under all apps, new apps do not seem to show up. Sure I can search but it defaults to the web and then I need to click my stuff, sure the apps start to show up but not very functional. So I thought I would try an app I had picked for free from bits du jour for free, called Start Menu 10…was close but not quite, even had some tiles like Windows 10 but they were kind of grainy and looked like they were badly zoomed. So i went back to an old faithful app, classic shell, and low and behold, works beautifully and shows apps no matter how newly installed. So if you have an issue like me then grab classicshell from and it is even free. You may want to watch the settings for installing things like Classic IE and Classic Explorer, they change some things in IE and File Manager that you may not like, but overall the app is quite good and still relevant, heck it even has the ability to show a menu of metro apps…that you can use to fire off Metro style apps…awesome!

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