Dec 312009

I decided to give Sensodyne Iso-Active a go a little less than a month ago, since I have a sore tooth and was waiting for a dentist appointment to fix it. Well the toothpaste seems to work very well at relieving my tooth pain which was getting a little bothersome. It does create a bubbly goop in your mouth and does get to every spot in your mouth rather well. My issue with the toothpaste was the cost running around $7 for a smaller than normal space-age press button tube of this stuff, I did have a $1 off coupon so it wasn’t so bad I guess. Then I pressed the button today and barely any toothpaste came out. Granted I brush my teeth twice a day, but I was the only one using the paste and it only lasted me a month, my wife and two sons continued to use a standard toothpaste and it is still going strong. So I am not sold on the value of the toothpaste being very high, although it did solve my tooth pain for a while.

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