Jun 142011

Below I will include the webpages that I have under the following domain umbrellas: http://hometownnerd.co.cc , http://belairmdwx.co.cc , http://love-pets.co.cc

http://hometownnerd.co.cc : My main page, houses my small computer repair endeavor, although it is still not very busy yet, I am hoping that people start to get that some big box stores are not that good for working on PCs and that I can bring a more personalized, honest, personal approach and save them gobs of money and do a much better job.
http://blog.hometownnerd.co.cc : Just a blog I have, normally the information is included in this forum somewhere but some posts on the blog are different and contain some important information. Right now it has some posts on my biking experiment, and my attempt at getting back into fitness.
http://forum.hometownnerd.co.cc : this web site, this will allow me to help some people online by giving users the ability to interact with me for help as well as post and read some information on miscellaneous topics. It also allows people to comment on my web pages.
http://photo.hometownnerd.co.cc : A photo album that documents whatever pictures I may take and also if I build a woodworking project I will place pictures there as well as google sketchups of the items, if I have drawn them with google sketchup.
http://wap.hometownnerd.co.cc : Cellphone friendly version of my weather page, includes a lot of information and is a narrower format for cell phones
http://ww.hometownnerd.co.cc : is an online Points Plus calculator that uses the latest equations from Weight Watchers to find the points plus value for food with labels.
http://hometownnerd.co.cc/lottery : This is a quick loading narrow format page that shows the latest Maryland Lottery winning numbers from http://mdlottery.com . Loads VERY fast on cell phones and computers.

http://belairmdwx.co.cc : This is my weather webpage, I have a small weather station that updates the weather for my local area in north eastern Maryland, USA.
http://wap.belairmdwx.co.cc : This is a cellphone friendly version of the weather page, it gives a lot of information as well as has it in a much narrower format.
http://rss.belairmdwx.co.cc/ : A RSS feed that includes hourly weather conditions and forecasts every 4 hours or so
http://forum.belairmdwx.co.cc/ : basically this forum, but the weather part of the forum happens to be here http://forum.hometownnerd.co.cc/viewforum.php?f=3

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