Apr 262017

Been a while since I had something to post about but over the past week I have found something of interest. I have FIOS through Verizon. I have been hearing complaints from my kids about the Wifi for a while but since I was using the generic router they give me and would not rent the more powerful one from them (they have enough of my money) I just wrote it off as the price of the generic router. Well I got a good deal on a linksys n750 I think router and plugged it in to the FIOS router and set up the router. Instantly I noticed something was different. I then did some speed tests using wireless first to the FIOS router then to the new Linksys router, I was floored! My FIOS router tested speeds of 17 meg down 20 meg up then I connected to the Linksys and received 80 meg down and 113 meg up. This router is plugged directly into the FIOS router so it is still using it for data, it just amazes me how much faster it is, and more stable at VPNs etc. Another thing is that the Linksys router has a USB port and makes one heck of a network drive, speeds are really quite good.
Just thought I would share what I found, if you want info on how it is connected let me know

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