Jun 162015

I just wanted to post quickly about an issue I have had both times I have tried to use Internet Connection Sharing on my M8. Both times it has caused me to need to hard reset my phone, which of course loses all of my settings for the most part. Although it does reinstall my apps and games, I do lose my game progress and login stuff. I am not 100% sure it will happen to all HTC One M8s but just thought I would warn any users. Be prepared with a backup if you can. What it does is makes it so when I try to share connection it complains it cannot share the connection because there are no cellular data connections, but I have streamed music right before trying to share the connection.After that apps start to act very weird and I lose cellular data, so I reboot and after that basically the start screen becomes useless, I can scroll and go to all apps but no apps will actually fire off and no settings will fire off either. After a hard reset it starts to work ok again, but I think I will wait for a new build to see if it helps.
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Jun 042015

Ok, I woke up a bit late this morning and wasn’t real sure why, then I remembered I didn’t hear my alarm on my phone go off. I check my phone and turn it on, it was plugged in all night, and it comes on but nothing I click fires off, I can swipe right to get to my apps and left to get back to start screen, and that is it….gotta love betas. I tried everything holding power button for long periods of time, both with screen on and off, nothing, nothing at all helped, even tried it while plugging it in. Nothing worked, so I start to search for what my options are since I cannot remove the battery on my HTC One M8, and find a post that tells me to press and hold both the power and the volume down button for they said 5-10 seconds but I think it probably took me 20 seconds, but low and behold it rebooted right back up and started working fine again. The weird thing though, my phone was plugged in all night but only made it to 49% battery, so at some point the charging of the phone actually stopped. This is the second time I have had my phone lock up tight and the only way back to a usable phone was to do this procedure. Just sharing in case others have similar issues and need to find it as well, this works on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 as well by the way.

Jun 012015

I just thought I would share the issue I have been having over the past week, I have a domain host and a separate web host. I parked my domain, hometownnerd.com, on my web host’s domain so that I could start having my paid host provide my files instead of relying on my server, which is terribly under powered in both memory and CPU. Which in case you do not know what parking means, it is when you want to provide your files on more than one domain, say you have a domain name from your webhost called hometownnerd.zz.mu, which is not a domain you like, you can park your main domain hometownnerd.com on it and both of the domains will start to server the same sets of files with the only difference being the URL. So after parking my domain name I then needed to change the domain servers to my web hosts nameservers so that my site could be resolved, but I kept getting an error telling me to make sure the nameservers are set up and working correctly. I started to send requests for support to my web host and they just kept saying change my nameservers, but there is no real way to test to make sure the nameservers are doing their job so you need to assume it is working. I tried for a week to understand what was going on with my web host, thinking it was their fault. Today, over a week later, I send an email to my domain host asking about the error, within 1 hour they had told me the issue was their form to submit the changes was not working correctly and they set my nameservers manually for me. Live and learn, just wish there was a way to do a test to verify the nameserver would serve my domain name. I can test it when I have my domain name being served from my house, but on the web I guess there is no such check.

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