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I have been using a Dell Venue 8 Pro for almost 4 months now and really love it. It runs Windows 8.1 which has made the tablet very usable. The only real complaint I have is that the battery, since Windows uses an “always on” sleep mode to keep the tiles up to date, is the battery life on it is not very good. It lasts about 24-36 hours while sleeping, so if you happen to forget to plug it in over the weekend, it is dead Monday morning and you have to wait for 10-15 minutes of charging for it to be able to start up. Well, I have finally fixed that on mine and wanted to make it available to others as well. It is an executable that you set to fire using a scheduled task, I set my task to run when my tablet has been idle for 10 minutes and it works great, I have even disabled sleep altogether. I have included the zip of the folder that houses the exe and the ini file and also a text file of the source code, just in case you want to make your own or do not want to trust someone else’s code. The ini file stores the filenames or partial names of files that you want to not go to hibernate while they run. If you put radio as one of the entries it will not hibernate if Radio or Tuberadio or Radiotube is running. I also have it hibernate no matter what is running if the battery hits 5%, just to be safe. I believe you need to enable hibernation on your tablet, which can vary based on the tablet I think, so you may need to search it out.

Edit (2/26/2015): I have been running Windows 10 Tech Preview and I can gladly say, first this does work on Windows 10, and second it seems not to be necessary, Windows 10 allows my tablet to keep a charge for MUCH longer now.

Well, enjoy and hopefully it will help you enjoy your tablet a little more,


Download Zip File

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