Sep 162014

Well finally stopped being lazy and decided to start trying to bike again, hopefully so I can commute to work on my bike, since I live 4 miles from work should be a cake walk. Rode 5 miles last night and felt ok afterwards. Still kept my average that I had back in July, so I am guessing I could make it to work in about 10 – 15 minutes which is way easier than what I used to do years ago, plus the road is flatish, so that will help too (google says 82′ incline and 260′ decline to work) so that will be easy. Just need to stop being lazy. Anyway, enough about that let me put down the particulars of the ride last night for posterity.

4.48 miles in 15 minutes so about 18 mph

Weighed 205.8 this morning.


start: 90

1 min: 111

2 min: 123

3 min: 133

4 min: 144

5 min: 146

6 min: 157

7 min: 159

8 min: 164

10 min: 164

12 min: 161

14 min: 164

15 min: 144 (cooling down)



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