Jan 172011

Have a free dropbox.com account? Upset at the limited backup selections you have at your disposal? You can work around that if you have Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, or server 2008r2! The secret is in the mklink command line utility. Mklink creates symbolic links between directories on your computer, it will actually appear like you have that same directory in both places.

First: Open a command prompt by typing cmd in the run box and pressing enter.

Second: I find it easiest to cd to the directory where you want the link to show up. For instance, if I want the link in the c:\dropbox directory I would then cd .. until my command prompt showed c:\> then I would cd dropbox so that I my command prompt showed c:\dropbox>, so make sure you know where your dropbox directory is and cd to this directory.

Third: you would then type in mklink /D [New Name] [directory you want backed up in dropbox], just remember if you want spaces in either the New Name or the directory to back up has spaces you will need to surround either or both of them with ”

Fourth: Once that is done, if you go to your dropbox directory you should then see a directory that is called the New Name you gave it, and depending on size of directory and/or your bandwidth you may even see a blue circle on it showing it is syncing up to dropbox

Want to help both of us out, if you go to the following link and sign up for an account and install it on your PC we will both receive 250 MB extra space. That is the link they give us to invite.


Hopefully that helps you with something I found a little missing in dropbox.

Jan 162011

Well it has finally come to an end, after years of having my site hosted online, I have finally just moved it to being hosted at home. You see it started when I was acquired by 859Compute.com from Michtinelabs.com from Rack something hosting, I kept getting moved around. I would have 2-3 days of downtime during that process which was just terrible. Now at 859Compute I have been without having MySQL working for over 5 days with a “I can’t promise a time it will work” So I said gimme my money back and now I have finally moved my URLs to my house and all of my data and all of my websites. Never paying for hosting again!!!!!

Jan 132011

Do you have a CO.CC or heck any other URL should work also as long as you have the ability to change your name server? I have tried and tried to find a way to make my URL point to a dynamic IP and have found nothing that helped me. You see I host web sites for personal reasons, whether it is just to run my mouth or to display weather data I collect, and like the simplicity and price of a CO.CC URL in order to access my stuff from anywhere. If this sounds good to you then follow the following steps below.

You need the following things to make this work: Dynamic DNS URL and updater, a DNS server, and a CO.CC URL

1: Check your router, if you have one, many have an automatic way to update a Dynamic DNS IP and you should really take advantage of that for this. My Linksys has settings for either DYNDNS.org or TZO.com, I use DYNDNS personally plus it is free. Go to either of these or any other dynamic DNS site you want and create a free account with a URL using anything you may want. Now if they provide you with a URL you can live with then great and you can just stop now, but normally they have some crappy URLs. which is why I went after a CO.CC URL. If you are using the router to automatically associate your IP with the URL then go ahead and set that up in the router, if not then you need to get an updater from the site and go from there. for example blog.myurl.tk

2: You will need a DNS server to make this work, windows server has this built in so you just need to turn it on depending on your server OS. Or you can go grab a software based one you install, which I have not personally done. Once you have that installed or turned on then move to the next step.

3: Now go to your domain provider and give the name server the URL you received from the free dynamic DNS service for example the blog.myurl.tk URL. So now when anyone types in your CO.CC URL like blog.CO.CC then it will look at the name server at your house or wherever and get the dynamic IP of the same place. Not too terribly difficult but works great for me right now.

Let me know if you have any questions

Jan 122011

Well, it seems that the new year has already started with difficulties, I received a hint when my bill for this year came from a different hosting company, I had in August been bought by Michtine Labs, which had great support and service. Now it is mid-January, my new host is 859compute, and have had a number of issues already, although most have been relatively quick to fix, others have taken a bit longer, granted one of them was my fault sorta the old host forced me to sFTP, when I moved to the new one, they neglected to say NO sFTP so their firewall started blocking me over and over. Now the issue I am having has to do with MySQL and having my PC actually sending data to my website, this has been going on for over 48 hours now and is getting a bit old, and since I have a weather station attached to this site I am not updating my DB right now, thank goodness for backup DBs. Now the quandary, should I keep waiting for them to fix the issue or should I just allow my $15 to go to waste and move everything home, which is actually about 75% ready to pick up the workload?? Which I will have a post in a few about….it will explain what you can do to have a co.cc route to an ever changing IP like you have with cable modems and DSL. Stay Tuned

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