Sep 272011

I really liked the premise behind but never really felt like part of it, so I have decided to stop using it. Just so happens that this decision coincides with announcement that they have removed the 40 hour limit, thank goodness, 40 hours is crap for a month worth of listening, I can […]

Aug 102011

I know I have mentioned before I am a Windows Mobile user from a long time ago, back when WM5 was big and I had a Pantech Flip Phone that was a smartphone and have loved it ever since. Well, I have also mentioned that I am a WP7 convert now as well and one […]

Jul 292011

Yesterday I made a post about my HTC Trophy WP7 phone and mentioned some glaring flaws I have noticed, to which someone mentioned many of these issues were fixed in an upcoming update called Mango. Well, I must confess that got my interest a bit, so I went looking for the update. I found that […]

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