Mar 242011

I was preparing a review for another piece of software that I loved so much I had to buy it, roboform. But I have decided that I no longer like how they perform their upgrades. I have owned this software since about 2005 and have enjoyed updates for free since then, with very little problems. […]

Feb 232011

I have been using this little suite of tools for quite a while now and thought I should share it with other people. It is called PicPick and can be grabbed from tool runs in your systray and has many tools that developers and other publishing types out there. The main tools I use […]

Jan 172011

Have a free account? Upset at the limited backup selections you have at your disposal? You can work around that if you have Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, or server 2008r2! The secret is in the mklink command line utility. Mklink creates symbolic links between directories on your computer, it will actually appear like […]

Jan 122011

Well, it seems that the new year has already started with difficulties, I received a hint when my bill for this year came from a different hosting company, I had in August been bought by Michtine Labs, which had great support and service. Now it is mid-January, my new host is 859compute, and have had […]

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