May 042015

I just wanted to pass along some information I just figured out accidentally. We utilize SQL Server at my work to house a rather large amount of data over about 4 SQL Servers, 3 were Virtual and 1 was an actual physical server. This weekend we moved the physical server to a virtual one and […]

Mar 092015

I have been around IT for quite a while now, I owned my first Internet connected PC in 1994 or so, although I did own a Commodore 128 that connected to BBSes before that. I remember connecting to those at 300 baud and trying to locate a 1200 baud modem. I even had a 3.5″ […]

Feb 182015

I have been developing for a very long time, I started writing code in Visual Basic 5 before .Net was a thing. I knew one language basically VB, I had learned Basic about 10 years before in High School and thought how great it was to start writing programs for Windows. It was awesome, I […]

Feb 162015

I am not really a blogger by any sense of the imagination, sure I will write the occasional post about something that catches my eye or aggravates me, but I really never set out to become a full fledged blogger. Now, I am not sure the current email course I am reading will change any […]

Jun 202011

I have been using a tool for quite some time that has become almost a requirement on a new install of Windows and I will realize it is missing almost immediately. It is called Ditto and can be downloaded from for free. It is a clipboard manager from Windows and really gives your clipboard, […]

Jun 142011

{EAV_BLOG_VER:03ebb9a8ef57b8e1} Ok, I stumbled upon an interesting site called Empire Avenue, you can visit here,,  to have a look around, and if you join using my link we will each get 2000 extra eaves, which is the currency on the site and is very important to have more of. The site is basically a […]

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Jun 142011

Below I will include the webpages that I have under the following domain umbrellas: , , : My main page, houses my small computer repair endeavor, although it is still not very busy yet, I am hoping that people start to get that some big box stores are not that […]

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