May 042015

I just wanted to pass along some information I just figured out accidentally. We utilize SQL Server at my work to house a rather large amount of data over about 4 SQL Servers, 3 were Virtual and 1 was an actual physical server. This weekend we moved the physical server to a virtual one and […]

Mar 092015

I have been around IT for quite a while now, I owned my first Internet connected PC in 1994 or so, although I did own a Commodore 128 that connected to BBSes before that. I remember connecting to those at 300 baud and trying to locate a 1200 baud modem. I even had a 3.5″ […]

Feb 182015

I have been developing for a very long time, I started writing code in Visual Basic 5 before .Net was a thing. I knew one language basically VB, I had learned Basic about 10 years before in High School and thought how great it was to start writing programs for Windows. It was awesome, I […]

Feb 162015

I am not really a blogger by any sense of the imagination, sure I will write the occasional post about something that catches my eye or aggravates me, but I really never set out to become a full fledged blogger. Now, I am not sure the current email course I am reading will change any […]

Aug 102011

I know I have mentioned before I am a Windows Mobile user from a long time ago, back when WM5 was big and I had a Pantech Flip Phone that was a smartphone and have loved it ever since. Well, I have also mentioned that I am a WP7 convert now as well and one […]

Jun 202011

I have been using a tool for quite some time that has become almost a requirement on a new install of Windows and I will realize it is missing almost immediately. It is called Ditto and can be downloaded from for free. It is a clipboard manager from Windows and really gives your clipboard, […]

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