Sep 162014

Well finally stopped being lazy and decided to start trying to bike again, hopefully so I can commute to work on my bike, since I live 4 miles from work should be a cake walk. Rode 5 miles last night and felt ok afterwards. Still kept my average that I had back in July, so […]

Jun 072014

Biked for another 15 minutes last night and pushed a bit harder for 5 minutes and actually tried to check my heart rate at different times, will try to monitor it better next time. Completed 4.48 miles last night, after 5 minutes of less than 18 mph and heart rate was 138, after 10 minutes […]

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Aug 132012

Sorry, it has been a while since I have posted, well I wanted to get a few things together to update. First, I finally got to take my bike outside for the first time. This was also a chance to ride with my son, who is 18 years old. It was actually a great time, […]

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Jul 212012

I only had a single brazed on area for a water bottle holder and I am planning on riding some longer rides soon and wanted to see how I could add a water bottle holder to my bike. I found M-Wave plastic water bottle which clamps on to just about anywhere. I found it at […]

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Jul 192012

Well, just rode again, and since I had just ridden the other night for longer than any other time, I thought I would just ride 30 minutes. Now the farthest I have ever ridden in 30 minutes was just under 10 miles, tonight I made it 10.4 miles which gave me the fastest average speed […]

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Jul 182012

Well my working out on the trainer seems to be paying off, I set a few different marks that I feel are impressive as well as achieving a goal I set almost a month ago. First the goal that I set, which is what caused me to work so hard last night, on  you […]

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